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75 Candy Striped Paper Straws
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75 Candy Striped Paper Straws

$10.00 USD $1.49 to 4.98 USD ($0.05-0.07 USD/item)
“Sippers” Candy Striped Paper Straws
“Sippers” Candy Striped Paper Straws
“Sippers” Candy Striped Paper Straws
“Sippers” Candy Striped Paper Straws
#9339-03 - Classical Green - $1.49 USD - DISCONTINUED
#9339-04 - Lavender - $4.98 USD
#9339-05 - Pastel Pink - $4.98 USD
#9339-07 - Red - $4.98 USD
#9339-09 - Lemon Yellow - $4.98 USD
#9339-10 - Black - $4.98 USD
#9339-11 - Pastel Blue - $4.98 USD
#9339-15 - Peach - $4.98 USD
#9339-28 - Caribbean Blue - $4.98 USD
#9339-31 - Fuchsia - $1.99 USD - DISCONTINUED
#9339-32 - Navy Blue - $4.98 USD - DISCONTINUED
#9339-39 - Pecan Brown - $3.98 USD
#9339-77 - Grey - $4.98 USD
#9339-96 - Royal Purple - $1.99 USD - DISCONTINUED
This symbol indicates that some colors are discontinued. Refer to the color purchase options.
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ITEM # 9339

Sippers Candy Striped Paper Straws

These striped paper straws are a simple and popular way to punch up the fun factor. Whether on their own or with the addition of personalized flags or die-cut paper slides, they offer a world of possibilities. Available in a range of festive colors. Biodegradable.
This item is sold in packages of 75
W 1/4'' x H 7 3/4''
"Sippers" available in a range of additional patterns and colors
PRODUCT Q&A (1 Q and A)
Q: Are these straws coated in wax so they don't disintegrate?
A: "Sippers" Candy Striped Paper Straws do have a light coating on them so they will not disintegrate. However, they will lose their shape after being submersed in liquid for longer than an hour and will soften after a prolonged period of time.

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