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Charms and Trims

Butterfly and Bird Decorations

Unique Multipurpose Trims

ideas & inspiration
Essentials for adding that extra special detail to your favors, table décor and stationary.
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Unique Ribbons and Twines

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A few of your favorite things…tied up with anything but ordinary string!
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Multipurpose Charms and Trims

Whether you want to add an additional touch to your wedding favors, decorate gifts for your bridal party or even add some festive flair to your champagne glasses during the toast, Weddingstar carries a wide selection of multipurpose charms and trims to use during your wedding. These unique objects are small and delicate, but they pack a big punch when it comes to dressing up those ever-important details involved with your wedding. From tiny, die-cut paper goods to dangling metal charms, you'll find a very wide selection of these final touches at Weddingstar.Decorate your wedding favors or gifts for the bridal party with tiny metal charms displaying something that relates to your theme. These intricate charms feature small hooks that allow you to attach them to a string or ribbon, and they can even be kept as keepsakes once the wedding is through. From small anchors to birds and even lucky horseshoes, you'll find all kinds of decoration small charms to choose from.In addition to these charms, Weddingstar also carries multipurpose trims that you can use in wedding crafts, bouquets, centerpieces, gifts or just about anything else. You'll find miniature cowboy hats for country-themed weddings, assorted wooden sculptures of woodland creatures to display on the tables, vintage wooden paperclips for displaying signs or photos and even die-cut leaves and flowers that can easily attach to the side of a wine or champagne glass. Decorate your table numbers with hand-painted butterfly clips, add a fun flair to your seating charts with a white resin feather on each seat or even make your champagne toast a bit more beautiful with a die-cut paper flower attached to the side of the glass. Anyone who's ever planned a wedding knows that it's all about the small details, and Weddingstar has you covered with more tiny charms and trims than you could imagine!